Dr Kyoko Shirato


Laser treatments

Use of laser beam allows precise heating and destruction of unwanted component of the skin, such as dilated blood vessels, abnormal pigmentation and benign tissue growth. 

  • Vascular laser

Vascular laser targets the haemoglobin of the red cells in the blood, which in tern, heats up the blood vessel wall and destroys these vessels. This type of laser is useful for treating 'broken capillaries' of the skin, commonly seen in patients with rosacea or chronically sun damaged skin, diffuse redness of the skin, round red spots (campbell de morgan spots) or birthmarks such as port wine stain. 

  • Pigment laser

Pigment laser targets melanin in unwanted pigmentary disorders of the skin. It can also break down tattoo pigment in a tattoo, which can be 'mopped up'  by the skin's immune cells. The latest pico second laser is available to treat unwanted pigmentary problem or unwanted tattoo. 

  • Ablative laser

Ablative laser targets  water found in the cells of the skin and is therefore useful in destruction of abnormal tissue growth of the skin, such as viral wart, seborrhoeic keratosis (senile warts), solar keratosis (sun spots) and many other benign growth of the skin. 

IPL (intense pulse light) therapy

Alternative to laser, IPL can treat unwanted redness or pigmentation of the face and neck. It also has rejuvenation property to the skin.

Anti-wrinkle treatment

Dr Shirato offers both Botox and Dysport injection to reduce dynamic wrinkles of the face

DermaPen treatment

This innovative micro-needling treatment can improve certain acne scarring, stretch marks and scars.